☼ Quickly fix Pain & Mobility Problems.
☼ Overcome hard-to-cure health issues.

● It is a revolutionary therapy integrated with Medical Massage & TCM Physiotherapy, including Tuina, Scraping, Cupping, Power Touch, etc, developed by healing master Mr. Brighton Gao via his long-term practice —- skillful and sophisticated.

● With those techniques, we can precisely works through the source of the problems, improve the local micro-circulation & detoxification, and boost your self-healing system to work well. You can definitely feel and see a miraculous result during and after a treatment.

● Actually, It’s a dynamic healing process —- you will constantly find out there are many silent or developing problems (e.g. sore spots or trigger points ) needed to be done ( fixed ) with, then you’ll definitely & deeply realize what your own body really needs and wants to keep fit & vitality, to stay healthier & younger. As it does good to both treatment and prevention, you will get more health benefits than your first expectation.

● Usually, it used to treat certain stubborn health issues, especially those are proven hard-to-cure by other therapies and the regular medical services. In many cases, it acts as a terminator of a problem.

● For certain stubborn problems, you may need more than one or two treatments to reach your healing goals. So, choosing a treatment package right for you would be wise for savings.


Pain  &  Movement / Mobility Problems

● The cases like sore & stiff neck-shoulder, headache, migraine, low-back pain, sciatica, and those shoulder / elbow / wrist / hip / knee / ankle issues, which usually are caused by old injury, long-term over-work, bad postures, stress, etc, typically as bellow :

Occupational Strain
For long-term over-working labor and need to restore productivity, especially those computer workers.

Athletic-Sport Injury
From fitness, running, golf, tennies, hockey, soccer, yoga, etc.

Teenage Sport Injury
To prevent a further injury and going to a life-time problem.

Car-accident Syndromes
To rehabilitate the neglected injury or undiagnosed symptoms .


Hard-to-cure Diseases or Symptoms

● With this powerful therapy, we challenge certain chronic diseases or symptoms, such as diabetes ( type 2), arthritis, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, kidney failure ( on dialysis stage), insomnia, parkinsonism, Mnire’s disease, paralysis ( by stroke ), cancer ( prevention or rehabilitation ), etc.


Senior Healthcare

● A optimum anti-cancer + anti-aging solution for the 50+ people to maintain fit + vigor + youthful physical performances. It works on the meridian system & sick muscles to promote deep detox and better circulations. You can expect to live evergreen along with this.


The rates of the treatments

For ‘ pay as you go’

$60 / 30 minutes,
$120 / 1-hour,
$180 / 90 minutes.

For Treatment Package :

5 Hours Package $500
———-  $100 / hour, $100 saved
10 Hours Package $800
——–  $80 / hour, $400 saved. For VIP customers only.