to Handy Health Centre !

It’s not just a massage place; It’s more like a CLINIC targeting many health issues : pain, mobility problems, and many other symptoms.  By applying the ‘ BODY TROUBLESHOOTING ‘ healing art —- a combo of TCM-based massage therapy & physiotherapy which is developed by healing master  Mr. Brighton Gao, we can easily help our clients ( patients ) overcome their stubborn problems, although they have been proven hard-to-cure by many other clinical treatments or conventional medical services.

However, to reach your healing goal, you need to accept our treatment with open-mind, —- it’s a real treatment for real curative effects, never like just useless advises or suggestions.

During a treatment, you will realize there are so many troubles or ‘ sore-spots ‘ here and there,  Those troubles mean sick soft-tissue and poor circulation within, simply, we call that ‘ SICK MUSCLE ‘, which always blocks your body’s self-healing process so that a tiny & simple problem goes worse, complicated, and chronic. In another word, the sick muscles may result in the symptoms of pain and other diseases.

Actually, many health issues can be treated to prevent it go stubborn and hard-to-cure, if a right treatment be taken with right therapy in right timing —- That’s what we have been doing about.

A curative effect is not just created during one single treatment, in which we help free-up your self-healing process that is interrupted by the sick muscles for a period of time. The first treatment will activate the self-healing process ( like start-up a train), the follow-up treatments will ensure a healing program to achieve your healing goals. So, for a stubborn or hard-to-cure symptom or disease, you will see the miraculous improvement ( mostly a cure ) after a treatment program. Therefore, a helpful advice is ‘  Don’t stop your treatments too soon !

Would you like to know more about How &  why ?

Here we will explain the how-and-why on those health issues that you may concern about —- Please see  ‘ Health Ideas ‘.

Also you have a chance to discover the ” Body Troubleshooting ” —- a revolutionary healing art that helps to quickly fix some stubborn pain and bodily problems. —-Please  see ‘ Miraculous Therapy

With this exclusive therapy, healing master Mr. Brighton Gao  can quickly fix most bodily pain and be confident to challenge certain  health issues that are proven hard-to-cure by other clinical treatments. Besides,  our skillful massage therapist Janny offers best-in-town relaxing massage for instant relief of stress and bodily complaints, and our  registed Acupuncturist provides Acupuncture treatment —- Please see ‘ Services Menu ‘.

Anyway, action is everything, please call  604-608-8786 to book a treatment, or choose the Online Booking, then visit us at : 180-422 Richards St. Vancouver.

Best in town !    Dare to compare !