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We respect the human body’s natural, powerful, wise and strict self-healing system, and we realize that the system may not be able to work well if there are certain obstacles. Many factors can block or interfere with the body’s natural healing process and its ability to cure certain health problems. Modern medicine and regular medical services can not always find a cure. Many people have to live with chronic or hard-to-cure problems ( most of them are related to pain ), and become over-aging.

Actually, through thousands years of practice, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)  has proven a principle : Plentiful Qi and blood ( energy & nutrients ) plus the unblocked meridians system  ( good circulation to ensure the ability of self-healing & well-management ) will ensure health and wellness ( longevity & free of disease ).

What is the vital factor working against that principle ? Sick muscles !

Sick muscles develop into stiff, hard knots or strips when toxic & metabolic wastes deposit inside soft tissues. These deposits worsen the local circulation and metabolism and nerve network. Finally, they block the meridian system so as to worsen and impair the internal organs and thus to result in chronic diseases or symptoms. A symptom of pain usually is the complaints  or warnings from the local tissues ( the involved nerves ) to reveal or report to brain about the blockage ( the case  like a traffic jam ) .

Sick muscles form due to many reasons, typically :
Old injury ( like the injury from car accidents or sports / exercises ),
Long-term overwork ( like desk-work or other occupations ) ,
Bad posture

Other factors to speed up the go-sick progress include : poor circulation allows more toxins & garbage deposit within; stress lets muscles and nerves stay tension, bad mood causes the dysfunctions on the associative organs, catching chill impairs your self-healing power (Qi energy ), harmful substance from chemicals, drugs and unhealthy food accumulates throughout the body, ….

After years of neglect, those tissues become stiffer and harder. As the involved nerves are continually pressed or squeezed by the sick muscles, a symptom of pain or physical complaints may occur —- come-and-go at first, then gradually developing into a severe and long-lasting symptom.

Actually the pain is the SOS signal or warning or complaints from your own body, urging you to take an action, to pay attention as well as to treat and fix a bodily trouble. In most conditions, pain means the circulation of blood and QI being blocked, means the self-healing process around the problem tissues is suspended, means the sick-muscle is there.

What is more, this situation may result in chronic diseases. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, when sick muscles occur along the meridians, the energy Qi is blocked.  As these meridians manage the related organs ( like heart, lungs, liver, kidney, stomach, etc ), this will impact the functions of the related organs, and dysfunctions or disorders develop unconsciously, day after day, until one day some chronic diseases or symptoms ( even cancers ) are diagnosed.

Another fact about sick-muscle is that it will aging your body fast —- internally as well as externally. You will feel weak, tired, gaucherie, depressed, and more vulnerable while you are in work or sports. Also, the growing poor-and-poor physical performance will impairs or interfere with your mentality —– you may feel yourself much older than your age.

Through long-term clinical practice, we are convinced of that, most of symptoms ( especially pain ) are caused by the sick muscles, as they  block the local circulation & metabolism & energy Qi & self-healing system.

If those blockages keep untreated, certain diseases will develop, and our body has to regulate itself to adapt the sick situation. Gradually, a sick body-constitution is built up, and making the body run in a sick routine; some hard-to-cure problems will exist ‘legally’ within.

If you don’t treat the sources of a health problem, just strive to relieve the symptoms, you will have to suffer from them life-time. Moreover, as this sick body-constitution keeps going sicker, more and more complications will develop and go worse ( diabetes is one of the them ), until it’s too late to cure or to save a life.

Therefore, to overcome the hard-to-cure health problems, we need to treat the sick body-constitution; we need to treat and fix its source —- sick muscles. That’s the way we can stay healthier and younger.

How to do ?

First all, you need to treat those sick muscles.

You need to see healing master Mr. Brighton Gao, who has developed a revolutionary healing art called Body Troubleshooting. This is a unique combo of TCM medical massage and physiotherapy; It is naturopathic, non-invasive, safe, non-toxin and side-affects-free, with fine & delicate manipulation, sick-muscle focused. The practical TCM naturopathic techniques include Acupressure, Scraping, Cupping, Power Touch, Power Quake, etc, which help activate & speed up your self-healing process working towards a cure.

With these advanced therapies, we can easily identify and quickly fix the sick muscles which are the roots or triggers of the problems. By manipulating the sick muscles and certain acupoints and meridians, we sweep out toxic & metabolic waste from the stiff tissues, —– those toxins or garbage depositing for years create the blockages. Actually, this action is a process of soft tissue detoxification. It helps to re-activate blocked circulation, releasing the locked nerve network and boosting ‘sleepy’ self-healing processes. After a series of the treatments ( a healing program ), the sick muscles gradually become soft & healthy, and everything involved will go normal: the inner environment goes clean, your body’s self-healing system works without obstacles, and a big breakthrough -– even a cure -– will be achieved sooner.

Secondly, you need to address on the sick body-constitution.

There is a long way to go for a transformation of certain sick body-constitution. By meanings of long-term work on the designated clinical treatments, home treatment and nutrition supplements, we can easily stop its going sicker, and reverse its progress back to a healthy and youthful body-constitution, and all the hard-to-cure problems or chronic diseases will gradually disappeared.

—– That is the way we treat and overcome health problems. That is the way we rejuvenate the body.

Is this a good idea for Health + Youth ?  If so, just take an action —– talk to Mr, Brighton Gao ASAP.

—— You  wouldn’t  be  disappointed  !