Miraculous Therapy

The Body Troubleshooting is a therapy that always creates miraculous curative effects. That is because it’s a combo of several  TCM-based techniques. With these powerful ‘weapons’, we can easily and quickly BEAT those health problems and make a very effective result or improvement —- during and after a treatment. The typical techniques are as following:

Power Touch :
It’s a hi-tech physiotherapy brought in from China and only used here. By passing healing power ( vibration-like stimulations) into the problem tissues with an intensity controlled by the therapist, It quickly softens the stiff muscles and regulate a nerve’s dysfunction ( being sleepy or irritated due to the effect of the sick muscle ).This strong power penetrates into the tissues in depth and width, and gives intensive workouts to each muscle touched. The blocked circulation and the squeezed nerves will be activated to release ( be normal ), and the self-healing process will restart from an interrupted state. It often brings a magic result to pain & physical complaints.

Scraping Therapy :
A  kind of Chinese medical massage ( massage with a piece of jade ). It helps identify and treat sick muscles, unblock the circulation and increase metabolism while softening & cleansing the stiff tissues. You may feel it hurts when we get to the right spots —- this helps reveal some hidden problems. A scraping result often shows the evidences of the sick muscles by some bruise-like spots —- this looks like a problem map and will fade in 3 ~ 7 days ( up to your circulation conditions ). Also, after scraping you may feel the warmth among the tissues —- this indicate that the local circulation blockages is removing and the self-healing process restarts. Usually, a big improvement can be seen & felt instantly after scraping.

Cupping Therapy :
Manipulations using cups to suck toxins out of sick muscles to promote a deeper detoxification. Those red or dark marks are evidence of toxins being released from your muscles. Your body may require more days for the marks to fade ( say, 1-2 weeks, up to your circulation conditions).

Acupressure :
It’s a medical massage style based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine, working on acupoints, meridians or the sick muscles related to the problems. This help treat the sick muscles, activates the interrupted energy flow (Qi) and re-awakens the halted self-healing process.

Power Quake :
It’s a hi-end & powerful physiotherapy. By delivering strong healing power ( vibrating electronic stimulations ) to the targeted sick muscles, It boosts the local micro-circulation, metabolism, and nerve-network to next level, and helps relieve pain and soften sick muscles quickly.

Magical techniques make magical results. If you find out your health problems being stubborn or hard-to-cure, it doesn’t mean hopeless, we can help, maybe there is a shortcut to a cure. Just come to try us

———–You won’t be disappointed !